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Facility - Campus Overview

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Class Rooms

Class rooms are to accommodate only around 30 to 35 students, which is below their capacity and each class room is well ventilated and illuminated to accommodate around 50 students.

Water facility

School has multiple waterholes equipped with taps conveying running water treated under Reverse Osmosis process. Clean and potable drinking water is readily available all over the campus.

Study environment

School provides perfect study ambience with a hillock to the west of school and avenues of shady trees in the front and back yards of the school. Natural Geology of school’s location favours learning environment to an outstanding scale.


Installation of CCTV cameras in multiple places inside campus school ensures safe ambience to every child. A well secured campus offers joyful learning environment.

Facility - Food & Refectory

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Our hostel is literally a home away from home Hygienic homely, delicious, nutritious and balanced food, carefully catered as advised by expert dieticians, is served with no less than a mother’s care. Our refectory is a sight to see to believe with spacious, tidy dining furniture.

Facility - Library & Laboratory

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Lab facilities

School is very pragmatic concerning students’ learning through practical classes. The chemistry, Physics, Computer and Biology labs are well equipped with the necessary apparatus and safety features. Students are taken to all these labs in regular intervals to fuel their eagerness to learn through demo classes where the respective discipline teachers take the responsibility of enriching each young mind.

Facility - Hostel

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For students from remote places sophisticated boarding facility is available adjacent to school campus. A large hostel with dinning hall, rectory, dormitory, play ground and other facilities is available for both boys. Separate study monitoring teachers are also in commission to take special care of the hostel students.

The quality of the food served in hostel is rigorously monitored to suit their best taste and good health and nourishment. Faculties in hostel oversee morning and evening study hours with watchful eyes and students are permitted to go an outing once in a month with their parents. Similarly parents meet is conducted at weekends.

Facility - Medical

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Medical Facilities: Since the hospital is just ten steps away from the school, medical facilities within the campus may not be helpful, because of the nearness of the well equipped medical center. However the management is considering a part time nurse for the primary section during the class hours.

Facility - Transportation

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Van and Bus facilities are available for students preferring school transport. Our school fleet of Buses and Vans shuttle to various terminals like Shoolagiri, Rayakottai and Payur from school to facilitate hassle-free daily commute of children.

Facility - Security

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Sparing no efforts to maintain high level security at the school premises. The management is following five factors to ensure student safety and school security:

  • Physical safety. for the property of the school...
  • Psychosocial safety. of the students and teachers as well...
  • School transportation and safety. for both students and teachers ...
  • Background verification of staff. for haste free functions .at all places..
  • Visitor management system to avoid not only embarrassing situations and to control unwanted visitors at the main security gate.